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Why India

Years ago, some international companies rightly envisaged the business opportunities available in India and settled operations there. Although they may have gone through difficulties in the process, the experience of most of those companies has proved to be positive and rewarding.

Nowadays, the interest and awareness of India’s potential is on the rise and a second wave of companies is setting their eyes on the big subcontinent for their business expansion.
It is a known fact that India will be playing a leading role in the coming global economic scenario. Some of India’s strengths rely on:

Market of immense proportions
A promising future for a market of immense proportions, which is already profitable in sectors such as fast moving consumer goods, textile, pharmaceutical, construction, energy, automotive, information technology enabled services and capital goods.

Gateway to countries in other developing regions
India is also a gateway to countries in other developing regions such as East Africa and Middle East, an intermediate platform to access East Asian markets, and a prime searching ground for suppliers among Global Sourcing Units from Western companies.

Politically stable
As the world largest democracy, India has remained politically stable since its independence in 1947. In 1991 the country adopted a free market model backed by successive Parties in Government, which is giving now valuable returns.

Competitive Operations
In addition to this market potential, consolidating a production unit or a back office in India grants access to:

A Low-cost manufacturing and/or outsourcing base
A low-cost base to produce or outsource parts and services to compete in current markets.

Talented professionals
A large pool of talented professionals and skilled/unskilled labour with whom to develop a sustainable competitive edge.

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